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Each of the resources on this page can be helpful if you want to learn to ask more and better questions and to encourage and model that for others as well. It would be great if you email us and share your experiences with any of these.

Reading, using, or sharing any of these resources also helps Make Every Day Question Day.

Prior to opening any of the below resources, we would appreciate your joining our emailing list. That way we can send you newslettters, and share with you other resources and opportunities as they come along. (We never share our email lists with anyone.)

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You are welcome to share any of these resources with others.

Then, download any of the PDF files or URLs listed below:

Question Day Launch - Webpage 

Top 12 Questions for Success - PDF 

Questioning Practices - PDF 

Questions, Education and Learning - PDF 

Socrates Café (website URL) 

The World Café (website URL) 

Socrates Way (website URL) 

Change Your Questions, Change Your Life - PDF 

Choice Map - PDF 

Let Us Inquire Together - PDF 


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